Mailing List

By webmaster | August 28, 2016

Along with the new website, we are implementing a mailing list. This article hopes to explain the idea of a mailing list.

What is a Mailing List?

A mailing list is a list of names and email addresses which can be used to sent material to multiple recipients.
You can read more about mailing lists here.

If you read the link above, the technical term for the type of mailing list we are implementing is an “Announcement List”.

Why do we need one?

This will make it easier to manage and send emails to club members. Instead of each member who needs to send mass mail to club members having to keep their own list of email addresses, which is liable to become inaccurate over time and also requires consideration of data protection, a centralised list will be kept.

This is beneficial as it makes it easier to ensure everyone who wants to receive information about the club will get it. In the absence of a mailing list, it is possible for people to be accidentally missed out time and again unless everyone were to update their own list of emails to send to.

With the new mailing list, when a mass mail needs to be sent, it is as simple as sending the email to the mailing list’s email address and it is forwarded to everyone on the list automatically.

Who can use it?

While there is scope to enable all SOE members to send emails via this mailing list, at the present time only Steering Group/Committee and the webmaster will have this privilege. If anyone needs to send a mass mail, they should contact these people and ask them to do it on your behalf.

All existing members have been added to the mailing list, and any new members will be added upon joining the club.
The members of the mailing lists names and email addresses will not b publicly available.