Membership of the club is open to all persons aged 16 or over.

Benefits of Membership

As a full member of SOE you have the,

  1. Ability to attend,
    1. Monthly Meetings
    2. Vehicle run-outs.
    3. Club sponsored day trips (Museums etc.)
    4. Other social events.
  2. Right to vote in the AGM, any EGMs and on other club matters during brought up during monthly meetings.
  3. Free Entry to the Overlord Show.
  4. Access to the wealth of knowledge brought to the club by its many members.
  5. Members are able to store their vehicles in our secure compound on MOD Thorney Island at highly subsidised rates.

Prospective Members

To join the club, please attend any of the monthly meetings (excluding October), and ask for the membership secretary.

Persons wishing to join the club are permitted to attend a maximum of three monthly meetings before being required to pay the annual subscription fee. See below.


The standard full membership runs at £15 per year.

Membership is payable annually and runs from the fourth Thursday of October to the fourth Thursday on October the following year, with subscriptions due at the September meeting.

After attending a maximum of three meetings, prospective members are expected to pay annual membership at the current rate.

If joining in March or later, the membership fee may be reduced pro-rata at the discretion of the membership secretary.

Contact       ROSIE RIXON    [email protected]      07970829411