Club Report – February 2018

By webmaster | March 8, 2018

On 27th February we held our club night at Waltham Chase village hall and for this months meeting we had a real treat as our speaker was Dr. Philipp Elliot-Wright, Deputy Head of School, Course Leader – LLM Programme, Senior Lecturer, Higher qualifications, BA Law (University of Westminster) MA War Studies (Kings College London) LLM Employment Law (Kingston University) PhD (University of Leeds) Professional organisations.

He has also written many factual history books and has a passion for Living
History, also writing books on the subject.

The subject for the evening was ‘Volkssurm’ (people’s storm) which was a national militia established by Nazi Germany during the last months of WW2 and it’s aim was to raise the Germans’ spirits. The members were
inexperienced, untrained and were either too old or too ill to join the Wehrmacht.

Pressed by advancing enemy armies on both fronts, Adolf Hitler played his final card in World War 2 by mobilizing all German civilian males between 16 and 60 and indoctrinated them for a final apocalyptic defence of the

Philipp and his colleague Andrew also brought a fine array of firearms and helmets to show us and he is now
actively collecting firearms used by the countries overrun during the blitzkrieg.